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Pre- Season Ski Workouts Beginner

Why should you do pre-season training? You may be thinking to yourself, only pros train for ski season. Well, what if we told you that everyone should be doing some pre-season training. Pre-season training can have many benefits from injury prevention to strength training to get those legs ready for a fun day on the hill.

We have all been there. First day on the mountain of your ski trip. You’re having a blast, getting some runs in, you apre’s after a thrilling day, then poof. Those legs can barely move and your wondering how you can move.

Let Dr. Laurel Mines PT, DPT, OCS help get those ski legs ready. So you can keep on skiing and worry less about tomorrow.

Check out some great exercises that you can do at home a few times a week to get ready to shred! For more info about getting into ski shape check out our Q and A with Dr. Mines.


Glutes: Buns of Steel 

Glutes are a crucial muscle group when it comes to skiing. Think about all those squats you’re doing each time you initiate a turn. That’s right, a major muscle group being used are your glutes. Lets get those buns of steel ready to shred!

Squats: A Classic Any Ski Bum Knows

Help get your quads ready for ski form with a classic. Check out the video below for proper form.

Calf Raises: She’s A Sneaking One

That moment those ski boots come off, you will often find yourself realizing what a relief. Get those calfs ready for those long days flexing that boot forward and getting ready to shred!

Calf Stretches: Relax Those Muscles 

Stretching is an integral part of any workout regime. Besides aiding those muscles in recovery it also feels incredible after a long workout. Lets learn the proper way to stretch after a day in those stiff ski boots.


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