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The 411 

  • What is She-Shredz?
    She-Shredz is an online resource for all things female ski and snow. We are a one stop shop for all your needs a snow girlie from gear and ski reviews to ski specific workouts from physical therapist.
  • Who We Are
    We are a group of women who live, eat, and breathe all things mountain. Each of the crew has a unique specialty / expertise. Ranging from female physical therapist, to registered dietitians, to gear nerds. Every member of the crew is dedicated to giving you her most honest opinion to get your shredding.
  • How She-Shredz Works
    She-Shredz is a collective community of experiences that we as females share in our skiing knowledge. She-Shredz does not charge for our basic content as we believe that the mountains are already have enough barriers to entry hence why we do not charge a subscription. Make sure to join our newsletter to stay up to date on everything new.
  • Is She-Shredz Only Women?
    She-Shredz is for women, by women.
  • How Gear Reviews Work
    At She-Shredz we got over ski dudes "selling" us equipment that they had never demoed themselves often leaving us with a piece of gear that didn't preform as described. Every piece of gear is reviewed by a female that spends time on the hill using / wearing whatever it may be. Have a specific ski / piece of equipment we haven't reviewed? Contact us and tell us!
  • How Can I Contact You Rad Ladies?
    If you are looking to contact any of the rad crew members, fill out a contact form in contact us. Click here to reach out.
  • Is Everything For Spicy (Advanced/ Expert Riders)?
    No! Here at She-Shredz we acknowledge that we all start as a beginner! For more beginner content check out the basics section our site. When it comes to gear reviews (skis, bindings, etc) they will be noted for what level of riding that the piece of gear is for. Workouts are also organized for spicy and beginner riders.
  • Ski Reviews, Do You Really Test That Specific Ski?
    Yes! We know its a totally bummer (we're totally bummed to get to test all of the skis ourselves, just kidding!) but how else would we know what each ski personality is and how it feels to ride unless we are able to compare them equally. Just because the ski may not work for one person or group doesn't mean that ski doesn't have their own place to shine. We wont review something unless we have personally used it and tested.
  • Do You Sell Skis?
    No, we do not sell any skis or ski equipment. She-Shredz does however sell merch. Make sure to check out our store for some rad shirts, etc.
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