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Updated: May 19


Size: 172 cm

Dimensions: 139 / 115 / 129

Radius: 10.4 @ 172

Weight: 1850 grams

Skier Profile

Skier Size: 5’2, 123 lb

Skier Type: Steep and deeps, Type 3 skier

Ski Review

Intro: We have those days where its deep then there’s DEEP. The K2 Mindbender 115c is for the later. At 115 mm, the Mindbender 115c is one of the widest powder ski for women. From heli trips to the back of the cat and racing down for those fresh tracks the Mindbender 115c ( now the 116c ) is made to run to the untracked canvas. This past year K2 switched things up moving to a 116c and slightly different sizes, about 2 cm.

What K2 has to say: “Introducing lightweight yet fat skis that pack a punch, we bring you the K2 Mindbender 115 C Skis. This female athlete-driven design is built off of precise feedback to create a floaty, women’s-specific ski that tackles big mountain sends in varying conditions without blinking an eye. While it finds its peak performance in deep snow, this ski maintains agility and responsiveness wherever you take it. The answer to freeride glory isn't complex, it's Mindbender.”


Review: We gave the Mindbender 115c her due diligence on a trip to Alaska this year. When we put her to the test, we really threw everything we could at her. From cat skiing to big Alaska heli ski lines and inbound powder runs and all that is in between the Mindbender 115c is ready for those big mountain runs that will stay with you for a while.

To get her to shine, she preforms best in those deepest of deep days. With exceptional float in the fresh stuff, and surprisingly good control when it gets chopped up. The Mindbender 115c prefers to go fast and hard, and eats up whatever is in her way. She is a bit more directional (making her feel a bit more charged than the Sheeva 11 ) and prefers long sweeping turns and a rider who knows where they want to go.


Carving: Couldn’t say we recommend the Mindbender 115c for carving. Compared the Sheeva 11 the Mindbender was a bit squirrely and wasn’t as comfortable on piste. Granted that’s not what the 115c is designed for yet we still feel the need to mention this.

Big Mountain/ Freeride: When its time to charge and we mean charge this is what you want underneath you. Light enough to whip around yet stable at high speeds. For you huckers out there, the 115c Mindbender will keep up and allow you to explore those spots when its softest.

The construction feels less intense than her little sister the 99 Mindbender Ti due to lack of titanal yet is strong and stiff underfoot. The Mindbender 115 c rides true to size. She shines in the deepest and steepest lines with nothing but freshies in her way.


Overall Take Away’s: For you shredders out there who are looking to go big, and we mean big the K2 Mindbender 116c is for you. She requires a strong skier that can maneuver her or its going to be a bumpy ride. For the skiers that prefer a bit more pop check out the Sheeva 11.


Cons: Can be tough to steer, if you get off balance for a split second. The Mindbender 115c requires you to be on and ready. Not for Intermediates or below. In sun crust you may want to find a slightly thinner ski at the waist.

Pros: Excellent flotation, and very stable at higher speeds. Overall our pick for those big snow days.


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