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Powder Queens: Top 23-24 Powder Skis For Women

You live for powder days. Powder day? You may sick day! When the tap turns on you need to be ready to charge. You know what it feels like to have a ski under you that doesn’t float. You know when its deep and its time to get at it. You’ll be damned if you’re ever going to have to sink again in the fresh stuff.

Maybe you’re a big mountain shredder. You ache to have those tips hanging over the edge before you make that drop in. Make sure you’re skis are keeping up with you so you don’t have to second guess anything on your way down.

Below are She-Shredz picks for best of Women’s Powder Skis and Big Mountain Skis 2023 / 24.

Blizzard Women's Sheeva 10

Why It’s Good: At 102 waist, the Blizzard Sheeva 10 is a true big mountain waist for the shredder who wants to ski well while hitting big lines. Redesigned this year, to give you a bit more confidence the Sheeva will go with you anywhere on the mountain.

Who It’s For: The Sheeva 10 is not the stiffest ski in the lineup, however those who are wanting to ski big lines with confident turns look no further. Those shredders out there looking for a more directional ski that is stiffer keep reading.

Terrain: All mountain, big mountain, and freshies. The Sheeva really goes all over.

Sizing: Strong skiers consider sizing up. Those who are wanting to be in 100% in control of turn radius stick to your typical size.

Ski Weight: 1735 grams per ski

Specs: 134 / 102 / 123 mm, turn radius 15.5 meters

Price: $$$$

Salomon QST Stella 106 Skis- Women’s

Why It’s Good: A personal favorite if its a QST Salomon QST Stella 106 Women's Ski

Stella 106 kind of day its a good day. A true free ride ski, with great grip on pow and excellent floatation for a 106. The Stella 106 is ready for a day and going to take you on a ride that’s going to leave you with a smile. The Stella loves steeps and deeps.

Who It’s For: Shredder who’s looking for something a bit more directional for a more charged feel than the Sheeva. You’ve waited to cross some lines off your list and its time when you’re breaking out the Stella. IYKYK and you’re well aware why she belongs in your quiver.

Terrain: True free ride ski, big mountain, and powder.

Sizing: True to size.

Ski Weight: 1730 grams per ski

Specs: 136/ 106/ 123 mm, turn radius 16 meters

Price: $$$$

K2 Mindbender 106C Women’s Skis

Why It’s Good: A great freeride mid fat ski. Not too stiff, yet stiff enough for those who are looking for a fun free flow ride. Great stability in all conditions, its hard to find a condition that the Mindbender 106c doesn’t ride well in. Light weight for those who like a more poppy feel, yet with Spectral Braid tech to give you a stable feel.

Who It’s For: The shredder who likes to be ready for big lines regardless of conditions. Those who like to be in control of maneuverability at all times no matter what you’re staring down.

Terrain: Freeride, big mountain, powder.

Sizing: True to size.

Ski Weight: 1776 grams per ski @ 169 cm

Specs: 138/ 106/ 127, turn radius 15.7 meters

Price: $$$$

Blizzard Women’s Sheeva 11

Blizzard Women's Sheeva 11

Why It’s Good: Blizzard this year redesigned the Sheeva 11 to be more approachable to reach a larger variety of skiers. This year they added Fluxform design and TrueBlend core to make the Sheeva more maneuverable. At a 112 mm waist you’re going to be floating all the way down. When there is a storm on the horizon you know what ski you’re grabbing.

Who It’s For: For the strong intermediate - advanced skier who likes complete control 100% of the time. The Sheeva is not the stiffest option on the list, hard chargers see the K2 Mindbender 116c. Here’s the only concern, at a minimum ski length of 168 cm this puts this ski in tricky territory for petite riders. If you can pick up the Sheeva 11 from 2022/23 do so. With a larger size option also a bit more stiff for you ladies who are shredders.

Terrain: Powder, big mountain, off piste

Sizing: With the smallest size this season being 168 cm size appropriately. Would advise to demo to ensure that this is a ski length that you are interested in skiing long term.

Ski Weight: 1825 grams per ski

Specs: 140 / 112 / 130, 17.5 meters turn radius

Price: $$$$

K2 Mindbender 116 C W

K2 Mindbender 116 C W

Why It’s Good: Here’s the thing there are few skis on the market that a true women’s powder ski, the K2 Mindbender 116 C W is just that. At a fat 116 cm waist you’re going to be floating down whatever that mega storm brings you. The Mindbender 116 C comes with a powder rocker profile that maintains stability yet you’re able to get the ski around when things are getting technical.

Who It’s For: True powder queens who chase those storms. First chair? She’s already in line and there. A true powder ski for true shredders.

Terrain: Powder, big mountain

Sizing: At 163 cm being their shortest length, an expert petite skier should be have no issues. True to size.

Ski Weight: 1985 grams per ski

Specs: 143 / 116 / 132 mm, 18 meter turn radius

Price: $$$$


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