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Weak Layers, The Ski Film For The Nobody's In A Mountain Town

Updated: May 22

There are two types of ski movies. The ones that are made for the general masses then there are the ones that are made for the ski bums. The people who eat, breathe, and live for skiing. Weak Layers dives deep into Tahoe ski culture. From the references to the faces and places it's clear that this movie was made for us the ski bums. The nobody’s who make the mountains their home, the people who make a mountain town a community. The ones that are not pro, yet are somehow the best skiers on the mountain (IYKYK).

Weak Layers is about three best friends who are modern day ski bums. When Cleo enters in a ski movie competition she is quick to learn just how ski world revolves around the ski bros. Cleo making her own mark on the ski world through successes and failures ( sounds a lot like skiing to us ). Who will win the male dominated ski movie competition? In the end, who is the real winner? The people who love to ski for the passion or those who have lost sight into what skiing is?

Katie Burrell for those of you are unaware has made her mark on skiing over the last few years. Katie is known for giving her own unique take on skiing which she likes to call leisure skiing. You know, the skiers who are out there because they enjoy making a few turns and just like the to be on skis. She takes her fun take on an industry that’s focused on being so serious in Weak Layers.

For those ski girlies that are looking for a new school ski film that hits all the marks look no further!

Check out weak layers available now on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.


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