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The Importance Of Fueling Your Body: Nutrition 101 W/ A Registered Dietitian

Updated: May 22

 As females diets and nutrition can trigger a different emotional response for all of us. This is often a very personal and deep relationship that is gathered from our development as women. A common occurrence throughout our unique journey as ladies is the constant attention to our body image. This can cause a complex relationship with food, diets, nutrition.

This is often something that comes at an impasse as you begin higher levels of activity, a new sport, new hobby. Or simply put our bodies needs shift and evolve. They shift depending on our goals, levels of activity, health, etc. This shifting of needs will continue for our entire lives.


 It is important to remember that our bodies are our temples. To treat it as the only that you will ever know, since well it kind is. Growing to learn to accept your body is a challenging task. However if you focus on all of the amazing things it is capable of. Gaining that new level of appreciation is one of the most amazing transformations of gaining a new sport or hobby.


At She-Shredz we are not focused on caloric intake to retain a certain “image”. We focus on the incredible things that we ask our bodies to do. And how do we continue to fuel our bodies to crush new goals and maintain the incredible feats that we demand of them. Here we practice gratitude for awesome adventures our bodies allow us to partake in.


She-Shredz sat down with registered dietitian, Beth Dooley RD to understand why its crucial to fuel our bodies before we undertake any activity. We will be having several conversations ranging from after ski day snacks, to how to get the right breakfast.


 Lets educate ourselves on how to give our bodies the food to keep pushing new boundaries.

She-Shredz: What is one of the most important things to keep in mind in regards to nutrition? What should we be more of a focus on a source of energy?

Beth Dooley RD : So and carbohydrates is the best form of an instant energy source. is you do need protein obviously for buff muscle building and muscle mass, maintaining that. And healthy fats is also another source of energy that also helps protect your body and your organs internally.

She-Shredz: What would be an example of a healthy fat for those of us who don’t know?

Beth Dooley RD: A healthy fat like monounsaturated fats, avocados, three fatty acids from fish, those are good examples of good fats. And as far as olive oil, avocado oil. And as far as carbohydrates being your first source of energy, and then that's kind of your instant source. So that's what your body is going to use first. And then anything that it doesn't use that there might be an excess of of carbohydrate or calories that you eat, those extra glucose is going to be stored in your body as glycogen.

 And so then your body still has a source of glycogen to be used. Like if you're, let's say you're working out and you haven't had an instant source of carbohydrate, then your body can convert that glycogen, the stored energy, the stored into glucose for a source of energy.

So you do have to find the right balance of the amount that goes in as far as the carbohydrate source and then what you're using. Your body does have that backup storage form of glycogen to be used as an energy source.

She-Shredz: Why is ensuring excess glycogen is not a common occurrence? 

Beth Dooley RD: If there's excess of that, then you can get into an issue of having, like if you have too much and you're not using that glycogen storage, it can be converted to triglycerides, which is then a risk factor for heart disease and stroke

So why is it important to fuel our bodies? Like why should we even eat before we go do any activity? Why is that a good idea?

Beth Dooley RD: I guess it just goes back to that, to what I was saying about having the instant source of energy from carbohydrates, the proteins. So it depends on what your ultimate goal is. If you’re going for an endurance workout or you’re trying to perform at a high level then its a situation where you need to fuel up.

It's different than if you're going out to train for a marathon that makes no absolutely they're completely different levels of exertion You know When one is like a nice little stroll the other ones like a multi-hour like pushing your body to the limit Definitely want to have something soon after, some source of protein or something, you know, to help maintain your muscle and stuff like that.

Check back in a few weeks as we go deeper with Beth, in what's a great breakfast option for a long day on the hill. Also a few great ideas for ski snacks. Almost the most important of all, what is the best apre's meal option!


About Beth Dooley RD:  Beth studied Dietetics, Food and Nutrition, at Virginia Tech, graduating in 1999. She then completed her dietetic internship in Sarasota, FL and earned her RD (registered dietitian) credentials in 2000. Beth has over 7 years of clinical nutrition experience in a hospital setting and is currently working with dialysis patients, which she has been doing for over 6 years. Being a stay at home mom for 10 years before going into dialysis, Beth was able to use her knowledge of nutrition to raise 3 healthy and active teenagers. Beth enjoys getting to know her patients, as each person's journey with nutrition and health is individual to them and their needs. 


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