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Fuel Up To Turn Down (Downhill That Is) How To Fuel Your Body: Q and A W/ Registered Dietitian Beth Dooley

Updated: May 22

She- Shredz sat down with Registered Dietitian Beth Dooley to get the scoop on how to fuel up and to stay ready for a full day on the mountain. No one wants to have a crash while having a fun day of turns and apre’s. How do you fuel your body to create the best possible day?

We have all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How true is that? What is the best snack to have on hand when you’re working hard? Lets find out.


She-Shredz: What would be your ideal breakfast? Like if you woke up and you knew you were having a nice long day out with your family, your friends, like what is that breakfast to keep you going about having like a crash?

Beth Dooley R.D.: So when I saw that question, it reminded me of, so when I was in my 20s, I did a marathon and my son, who's just 16, actually just did a marathon as well, which was crazy. And what I used and what he also did during his training and the morning of the marathon was either like a whole wheat toast or bagel with peanut butter and a banana and I found that that worked really well for me and it worked well for him and this is just personal experience I don't know if there's any you know scientific evidence behind it but it's a good it's a good balance of carbohydrate some protein some fat and it's a complex carbohydrate if you use like a wheat toast you've got your banana that has some potassium in it. And it worked just really well for me. It digested well. So that's something else you have to think about too, depending on what kind of sport you're gonna be doing or training your body, you know, when you start running or you start skiing. It starts digesting and you don't wanna have a situation.

She-Shredz: No, no you don't.

Beth Dooley R.D.: Right? So I think it's important to also train with similar foods that you're going to perform with. So finding that combination of foods that works well with your body. So that works well for me. Another example would be like toast with an egg and half an avocado. So again, some protein, a little bit of carbohydrate, and then avocado, peanut butter, something like that. And it kind of helps satiate you for a while. You've got carbohydrates there to burn through, and then you've got the extra stuff for storage, and then your body will start relying on that as the day goes on.

She-Shredz: Is there a specific snack that you would have personally on hand if you're out and about? Maybe like a granola or something of that nature?

Beth Dooley: I think nuts are always good. There's tons of bars out there. One of our personal family favorites right now, we like these ones called Barbells. They have plenty of protein, not a lot of added sugar, and we like those. But there's tons of them out there that you can look for. I would just say finding one that has some protein and not too much added sugar as far as bars go.

She-Shredz: You mentioned nuts? What kind are we talking here?

Beth Dooley: Nuts are great, some kind of trail mix, but trail mix also be careful because there can be a lot of added sugar as well. And then something too, like if you're able to prepare something like an apple with peanut butter or hummus with carrots, again, like you've got some kind of form of protein with a little bit of carbohydrate, maybe cheese and fruit, like grapes and cheese or something like that. Well, that's really, those are really good options.


What’s the takeaway? Breakfast is crucial. Make sure you train your GI system by having the same meal to keep everything going smooth ( literally and other ). Snacks are a good way to keep yourself going! Don’t shy away from carbs. Carbs are our friends to those active girlies.


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