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Ski More By Being Less Sore: Lazy Girls Guide To Recovery

Being sore is a love hate relationship. It feels great getting some great movement even more so after a day or two on the mountain. However when you're on that ski trip time is not on your side for you to take advantage of those amazing days. Let She-Shredz help you get more laps. A lazy girls guide to ski recovery. Ski more by being less sore!

Dr. Laurel Mines PT, DPT, OCS went through in her Q and A about the importance of recovery with some amazing helpful tips. From massage guns to stretches and more Dr. Laurel is sharing her secrets to getting you out on the mountain quicker so you can spend less time being sore.

In the video below Dr. Laurel goes over her favorite lazy girl stretches and massage gun techniques to get you moving again. All you need is towel and if you're able to get one a massage gun. Don't forget about heat, whether that's a hot tub or a hot shower to relax those muscles.


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