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Ski Warm-Up, Get Those Legs Ready To Turn

Warming up is an important part of any activity. Who doesn't want to help reduce the risk of injury while making sure they have the best time during first tracks? Warming up starts before your first turns. As Dr. Laurel Mines PT, DPT, OCS has spoken about, getting your body properly ready makes for a better day.

Check out our ski warm up chair lift that you can do on the way up!

Leg swings: 10-15 kicks. Kick you legs up and down to get the blood flowing. Warm up those quads and get those knees moving.

Leg swipes: 10 swipes. Hold your legs out in front of you. Keeping your legs parallel move them side to side like a clock.

Low leg swipes: 10 swipes. Move your legs lower to a naturally knee bend. Keep your legs parallel. Same movement as the swipes above.

Low leg turns: 10 turns. Keep your legs parallel. Swing your legs in a low movement as if you're making a turn on snow.

Figure 8's: 10 figure 8's. Move your legs in a figure eight motion. Keep your legs parallel.


Watch our video below for more info.

Comments? Questions? Any other ski questions? Mention them in the comments below.


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