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Updated: May 19

K2 Mindbender 89 TI W Ski Study


Size: 164 cm

Dimensions: 130 / 89 / 114

Radius: 13.1 @ 164

Weight: 1756 grams


Skier Profile 

Skier Size: 5’2, 123 lb

Skier Type: Steep and deeps, Type 3 skier

Sized Tested: 158 cm


Ski Review 

Intro: What K2 has to say: “The Mindbender 89Ti W is an all-mountain freeride ski with a carving pedigree. Outfitted with classic construction, it’s got a powerful twist thanks to Titanal Y-Beam technology, where Y-shaped prongs set over the edges in the shovel of the ski provide precise, predictable, smooth turn initiation, and enhanced power transfer.”

Review: We put the K2 Mindbender 89 TI W to the test. Obviously with a low tide year the 89 TI was going to be the go to this season. From ice pack to a few inches of heavy wet yuck snow we went for it. We tested the 89 TI at Olympic Valley and Sugar Bowl Resort to give her some variety in her time to shine.

With little to no snow and bumps forming quickly this season we really got to test the whole K2 mantra of “ The Mindbender 89 TI is the perfect dynamic companion when you’re in the mood to rip but soft snow isn’t on the menu.” We rode her in a 158 cm length to accommodate for steep short turns in technical terrain. How did the 89 TI preform, lets dive in.

Carving: At a 89 waist the Mindbender falls into carving territory instantly. Being heavy with titanal she digs in deep on groomers or ice and doesn’t let go until you release the turn. For those of you who rip in all conditions you know how important it is to have a trust worthy ski that you know is going to hold an edge. Especially in bad conditions.

On the groomers she makes incredible contact for amazing turns short or long you’re really able to enjoy the gravity pulling you in on edge and feeling the ski make complete contact and swing into the release onto the next turn. The 89 TI shreds in the carving category. For those who are looking for a strictly on piste 89 TI size up for those looking to take her on adventures stay true to size or slightly down.

Bumps: When I initially picked up the 89 TI in 156 cm the original intended purpose was for the front side of KT-22 on a low tide year. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of skiing KT let us give you a cheat sheet. KT-22 is bump paradise if that’s your idea of paradise. The size of the moguls that form from the level of skiing is formidable. For this specific reason I went to a shorter size to be able to swing the ski around in super tight turns esp in technical terrain.

Lucky us the reason we got the 89 TI has quickly became one of the only skis in the quiver this season. In the bumps its like knowing you have these skis under you that just are able to turn on a dime. This however comes with a small * the 89 TI really needs to be driven. They require a strong skier who is in the front seat even when she is unsure of her next move. For those who like to be in the back seat a bit check out the 88 Kenja by Volkl.

All Mountain / Big Mountain: When K2 made the Mindbender series we are starting to think they had a very specific type of skier in mind. You know the one that refuses to see any sort of boundary or ropes on the mountain. We took the 89 TI down Headwall with minimal snow and great icy conditions. The 89 TI was able to hold an edge down the face while others in our group lost edge control and had some slips from under them.

This ski is great on and off piste, but really shined for us in icy tree skiing with bumps. Never once losing control she was able to get through the crud even at her 89 waist size. Since the 89 TI did so well on hard pack we decided to take her on some heavy fresh new snow to see how she would manage. Right away we were blown away. Against her big sister the 99 TI for being as skinny as the 89 TI is she was really able to handle heavy snow in the chop. Esp for those who are strong skiers who keep their feet close to create slightly more float.

Overall Take Away’s: Girls those of you who are looking to get after it when the snow isn’t coming this needs to be in your quiver. One of the few options that we can recommend for those advanced/ expert shredders who want to send hard without a care in the world on what mother nature is throwing you.


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