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Best All Mountain Women Skis For The Spicy Shredder 23-24

Updated: May 16

If you’re at this point in your skiing you know that no two skis ski the same. Lets be honest that’s kind of the fun. You understand your equipment is essential especially as you start to push new boundaries and line. When you’re dropping into that chute or cornice you’re the last thought anyone wants to have is, will my ski grab that edge and hold? Below are the best options of 2024 those ladies who are shredding at high speeds on and off piste. For the spicy ladies who view the mountain as their playground and nothing is off limits. These skis are for you.

Stay tuned for our wider ski options for the spicy shredder.

Elan Women’s 94 Ripstick

Why It’s Good: A true all mountain ripper, at 94 mm waist she knows how to get the job done no matter the job. Looking for a great hybrid ski for inbounds and backcountry? This is your gal. The Ripstick 94 has a cult following for its known versatility in all sorts of conditions. Enjoy those steep lines the Ripsticks stable platform.

Who It’s For: A true in-between from the 88 mm to the 99 mm the Ripstick is right in the middle. A great option for a hybrid ski. Elan even sells precut skins, IYKYK.

Terrain: A great versatile ski from groomers to back country lines. The Ripstick skis them all with ease and grace.

Sizing: For back country skiers go stay on the conservative side (ie: your typical ski size of 160 mm size down to 154mm).

Ski Weight: 1460g per ski

Specs: 133/ 94/ 107 mm, 15 m turn radius

Price: $$$$

Volkl Secret 96

Why It’s Good: You’re chasing the good stuff around the mountain, its not the softest yet not quite east coast ice coast either. Not the stiffest ski in the 96 category the Secret 96 is great for those who like more of a pop.

Who It’s For: Not the most directional ski in the upper 94-99 category but great for a ripper who’s loving the trees and everything in between. Excellent edge control the Secret 96 will follow you anywhere on the mountain.

Terrain: All mountain all fun. Hard to find a bad day or a bad place for these guys.

Sizing: True to size, size up if looking for a stiffer feel.

Ski Weight: 1870 g per ski

Specs: 135/ 96/ 119 mm 14 m

Price: $$$$

Salomon Lumen 98

Why It’s Good: Honestly its hard to ski the Lumen 98 and not have a smile on your face. If you’re looking for a fun poppy 98-99 mm ski this is it. A blast on those dust on crust days and those spring ski days. The Lumen 98 carves surprisingly well for the playful construction. With cork inserts making the her light yet stable at higher speeds.

Who It’s For: The shredder who’s looking to have a lighter 99-98ish ski that rips yet can have some pop in her step. A true advanced/ expert skier can utilize all of the amazing features that this ski has to offer. Salomon claims its a backcountry ski. Having personally skied the Lumen as a bc ski I would say eh. If you’re looking for a great side country ski that is not a dedicated bc set up then yes the Lumen 98 shines. For serious bc ladies search elsewhere.

Terrain: At 98 a few fresh inches, groomers, or side hits this ski really does a lot well in a variety of conditions.

Sizing: Due to the light core you can size up if you’re a more aggressive skier. Keep on your true size if you’re going to be using as side country ski.

Ski Weight: 1620 g per ski at 160. Not the lightest in the side country category (look at Elan Ripstick 94 for a lighter option for uphill).

Specs: 130/ 98/ 118 mm, 14 m turn radius

Price: $$$$

K2 Mindbender 99Ti W

Why It’s Good: This ski shreds, and not figuratively but literally. This is a true expert ladies ski for the expert lady shredder who is searching for those couloir and chutes and smiling to herself the entire way down. A big mountain/ free ride ski. The 99 Ti is a tank in the best of way. At high speeds, she won’t chatter. It has an excellent all terrain rocker that helps add confidence when you’re in that tight spot.

Who It’s For: For the female shredders who are aggressive and have a need for speed. The ladies that want a ski that isn’t limp and that can rip with the best of them in whatever terrain. If you’re expert skier there really isn’t a reason why you won’t love the 99 Ti.

Terrain: Big mountain, all mountain, groomers.

Sizing: True to size for those of you have some serious lines in your mind. Too tall the ski becomes incredibly stiff (remember its a mens ski with a women’s top sheet).

Ski Weight: 1887 g per ski at 166

Specs: 134/ 99/ 120, 15.4 m turn radius

Price: $$$$


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