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Five Reasons Learning To Learn In The Spring Rocks

Updated: May 22

Let's be honest, for those of us who are new to snow sports there are a lot of unknowns. The unknowns of where to start, how to pick a mountain, do you need a lesson, or even what mountain is best to learn. Learning new things as an adult is daunting. Being put out of your comfort zone only gets harder as we get older, yet this is often the best way to grow. For those of you who want to start to ski or snowboard you may think that the winter is the only/ best time to learn. This couldn't be further from the truth! Spring is an excellent time to try a new sport for the first time.

Here are the top five reasons why learning to ski and ride in the spring totally rock:

1. Spring Skiing = Spring Weather

Perhaps you prefer to know that the weather is going to be blue bird (clear skies ) and that seeing where you are going is your ideal conditions to learn a new outdoor activity. Luckily for you, spring offers these conditions more often than not. Short of the rare spring storm, the days are longer and the weather is far more comfortable than chilly temps and white out blizzard conditions.

Plus this is an excellent way to enjoy the fun parts of spring skiing. From fun and silly outfits to the apre's scene spring is a great option to enjoy the sun and the snow.

2. Great Deals On First Timer Lessons

Want to know a little secret? Some resorts offer incredible offers on first timer lessons in the spring! There are a handful of resorts that offer great savings. Who doesn't love to score a great deal? Better yet who doesn't love trying a new sport with a fantastic bargain. Who can really complain about a lesson, lift ticket, and rental equipment all under $150?

Looking for a great place to learn? Check out the resorts that are not in the mega corporations. These resorts often offer the best deals. If you are in the Tahoe area make sure to check out these resorts below for their first timer deals.

Sugar Bowl Resort:  Sugar Bowl Resort, located in Tahoe Donner offers one of the best deals of the entire Tahoe area. For $99 you get a half day lesson, lift ticket, and rental equipment. Since Sugar Bowl is at the highest elevation of most resorts in California how can you beat that?

Diamond Peak: Want a view with your lesson? Free parking? Perhaps for your first time you want to take in Lake Tahoes beauty, look no further than Diamond Peak. For $125 you get a beginner lesson for those who are 13+ and a lift ticket.

Mt. Rose: Mt. Rose is another high elevation resort located in Nevada with not only great skiing but a great place to get those first few turns. Also offering a beginner ski/ snowboard package for the price of $139 on the weekdays ( $159 on the weekends) you get a lesson, beginner lift ticket, and rentals.

For more info on Mt. Rose:

3. Less Crowds

We have all heard or even worse been in the horror stories of waiting in traffic for several hours ( or more on holidays ) just to enter and exit resorts. Or maybe the new pay of play parking is a turn off ( whose bright idea was that anyways ). Perhaps it's the idea of having thousands of others around you that has been a turn off.

Spring skiing offers less crowds and more space. The traffic is lighter, the lines are manageable, and the best perk? For those of us who are a bit self conscious of learning in front of others they're automatically less people to be concerned of.

4. Great Deals On Equipment and Lowest Prices For Seasons Passes

Wouldn't you rather learn that you enjoy skiing or riding while the equipment and season passes are at their lowest? Skiing and riding can become pricy quickly. Why not try skiing during the most affordable time of the year. More importantly if you do decided you're hooked, you're in luck for the best prices in equipment and season passes.

Don't get priced gauged, save that money for the apre's and those new skis! Looking for great options for women's beginner skis? Check out our picks for the 23-24 season ( you should be able to snag a great deal during this time of year ).

She-Shredz Picks

5. If You Don't Do It This Year, You'll Be One Year Older When You Do - Warren Miller

How many times have we all said we would do or try something only to not end up doing so? When you're thinking of a seasonal activity it's easy to say next year. Next year turns into two which turns into three, and well you get the point. So why not just celebrate yourself and trying new things.

Aging is a part of life that is inventible, so why wait til next year to go experience a new thrill? Who knows you may find yourself finding a new life long hobby. As the wise Warren Miller said, " If you don't do it this year, you'll be one year older when you do."

What are you waiting for? Go out there and try a new sport.


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