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Learning To Ski As An Adult

Updated: May 22

Two thirds of the worlds population have never seen snow. Yes, you read that right. Odds are then if you’re like most people you might have not grown up skiing. Lets be clear, learning anything as an adult is daughting. Learning to slide down frozen water off a mountain that has long sticks with razor sharp edges sounds kind of crazy when you say out loud. Now add the fact that you’re an adult and well things get scary as we get older. Self preservation ( for most of us ) is at the forefront of our priorities. Which leads us to how do we learn to ski as adults. Is it even possible?

Say it loud with me, Hell Yea! Learning to ski as an adult is liberating. Its an experience that thus far I can’t find a comparison. Personally learning to ski as an adult is a thrill. The pure fact that as you hit new progress makers you are able to recall each of those magically new moments makes it all the better. Being able to look at a run a lift that you are able to get down confidently, linking those turns with a smile is just a feeling of awe.

How do you even learn to begin to ski as an adult? Where do you start? Do you have your friends take you out? Or maybe a lesson? Lets explore all of those options to get you hooting and hollering down the hill.

Lessons- Ahh the good old classic of ski school. Isn’t ski school only for kids? Nope. Adult ski lessons are tailored for adults of all ability levels, from first timer to expert looking for a guide. Ski school for adults is an incredible way to learn. The instructors are qualified to help get you confident from chair lifts to moguls they are there to help you just have more fun by gaining confidence.

This isn’t your average day of class. An instructors job is literally to show you a good time. Think of them as ski gurus that help show you the way. Knowing how to asses you and find the best spots on the mountain for you and your ability level. This is the best way to learn. Instructors are trained in case of medical situations to get ahold of the proper help.

A few places may offer heavy discounts with season passes, and season long deals for multiple lessons as a package. Check your local mountain to see what offers they have.

Beginner classes: Most mountains offer incredible deal packages that include a lift ticket, lesson, and rental equipment for a reasonable price. This is an excellent opportunity to see if this is something you enjoy. Plus for the price its a great way to learn with proper instruction.

Intermediate Classes: So you can ski blues, but why stop there? Take a class or two or a few to get you on that dream run, or whatever the goal is.

Advanced and Expert classes: We get it, you can ski the lift line and look good while doing it. At this level you are well aware that you’re never done learning so treat yourself to a new trick or two and keep the progress.

Camps and Clinics- Often throughout the winter mountains will offer camps and clinics that often specialize in a few niche areas of skiing. These will either be an all day or multi day clinic in which they bring out all the stops. From catered meals to footage reviews its an excellent way to progress and keep it going forward. Most camps and clinics are for intermediates to expert skiers.Make sure you look at the fine details for the clinic to ensure you’re a good match.

Friends / Spouse- Your husband, bf, girlfriends, or you find on the hill. They invite you out and tell you they got your back. However you quickly find out that this is less than a great idea. They may take you to an area that is not great for you or your safety. This is a position that feels the worst for the person who is the least experienced.

Having your close friend or spouse to teach you a skill is something that often left best to a third mutual party. You’re not going to be self aware of how much you’re feeling unsure of these long sticks attached to you are if everyone else in the group is on the same page. Do yourself a favor and just get a lesson. Its going to be a lot more fun with a lot less stress.

The best way to learn to ski is by lessons. Get those turns and skip the lift line while you learn to get even more fun out every moment. If you’re interested in a women’s clinics and lessons comment below and well make sure to get working on that information.


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