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Ski Socks: Does Thickness Matter? (Pun Intended)

All ski socks are created equal right? Out of all of the equipment from skis, bindings, jackets, where to ski, and the list goes on and on the last thing on your mind are probably socks. Why do we even care about ski socks? Step into any reputable ski boot shop the first thing there going to ask is what your ski sock is.

Thick ski sock on the left, Thin ski sock on the right

We all use them they are one of the first things we put on before we head out for a day on the hill. What makes a good sock? With the endless amounts of options out there first instinct is most likely pick up the cutest pair that catch your eye. Before you add to cart lets explore what makes a good sock.

As mentioned above any good boot fitter before they even put your foot into a boot is going to verify that your sock is adequate. First instinct is to find the thickest sock you can. You know those really fluffy ones that you tell yourself are going to keep you the warmest. Drop those and lets get into why a thin sock is the way to go. A thin ski sock allows you to have direct contact with your ski boot. Which is how after all you control your ski ( no big deal right ). You want as much direct contact to that boot as humanly possible. Hence why the thinnest sock is the way to go.

Don't worry, thin socks will still keep you warm on those deep pow days. However we can not guarantee that your foot wont get numb from your ski boot.

See the difference in the left and right sock?

While as over time your ski boot liner will get packed down ( unless you go for a highly recommended zip fit liner but more on that later ) which is why after all you go for those thicker socks right. To make your boot feel like it use to on day one. All you’re doing is putting a band aid on a much larger issue.

Snowboarders make sure to check out the snowboard version for your specific socks.

What To Look For: When shopping for ski socks you want to be on the look out for the thinnest sock you can find. Often these are labeled as zero cushion, or pro series. This is what you’re on the look out for. Some ski shops may have their own personal brand that they prefer, as long as the light to zero cushion you should be ready to shred!

Check out our picks below to get your feet happy after a long day in those stiff boots.

Smartwool Womens Ski Zero Cushion OTC

Why It's Good: It's a great zero cushion ski sock. Easy, simple and will last you for a few seasons.

Where To Buy:

Smartwool Women’s Ski Zero Cushion OTC

Why It's Good: Like mentioned above, excellent option for those who are interested in getting a good pair of socks that will last you for seasons to come.


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