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Getting Those Ski Legs Back: Beginning of the Season

You may notice that the term ski legs pop up here and there. You may be wondering, what are ski legs and why do they matter? Ski legs are what they sound like. Ski legs.

It doesn’t mater if you’re a pro or have skied several times before. Everyone goes through a readjustment phase at first. Those boots feel as heavy as a rock. Your skis from last season, the ones that felt light as a feather… forget it they are like tanks on your feet. It takes a few days to remember how everything feels and to reacclimatize.

Think of it like riding a bike. There is a reason why the expression, “like riding a bike exist.” Just because you haven’t done it in a while doesn't mean you’re no longer not capable. You just need to remember what it feels like to get that ski on edge and just point them downhill. Planting that pole and getting that rhythm and flow back.

Your first day, or even first few it may take some time to get back into that flow state. Enjoy it, laugh at yourself, and don’t take it so seriously. It takes everyone a different amount of time to get back to the point where its time to leave off where they had that second to last run (never say last run).

Enjoy taking it easy on a few runs. As the legendary Warren Miller said, “ Don’t take life too seriously. You can never make it out alive.”


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