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Updated: May 22

You know the feeling, the one where you are watching a super human send their body down a line that looks insane. The next thing you know you’re beyond stoked to get out there yourself and chase your own moment of wow. Watching ski films can inspire you. The power of ski / extreme sport movies can not be understated.

Female ski movies use to be a concept that were just a dream. Now the industries top female shredders are out there making their own. You don’t have to go too far back in time to watch any of the older ski films ( 2010’s and older, yea we are aging ourselves right now ) to notice a simple theme. Every dope ski movie would have these incredible athletes giving us a thrill and sending lines that would seriously injury the average person. For about an hour and a half only to see possible one maybe a three females tops in short segments. With men dominating the screen time.

There has been an incredible shift over the last few years with some of the raddest female shredders producing, starring, writing, and putting in the work for female ski movies. Since we can never have too many ski movies we took the time to find some of these great finds



Directed, produced, and starred in by females. Follow a group of impressive and inspiring women in this ski movie that has a ski movie vibe with incredible skiing and a documentary feel to it. Nexus takes us on five different explorations with several groups of hard charging ladies. From Jackson Hole to Alaska Nexus takes you on a journey that feels intimate and hits the female snow experience on the head.

If you are not fired up to ride with your snow girlies after Nexus we don’t know what else will get you there. Side note, the soundtrack is fire!

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Here, Hold My Kid

For anyone who follows skiing and the snow world you have probably heard of Elyse Saugstad and Jackie Paaso as beyond impressive skiers killing it on the Freeride World Tour and just about anywhere that involves snow. Both ladies are not only professional skiers but also new mothers.

Here, Hold My Kid is a fun and upbeat ski movie shoot in a documentary style about the experience of continuing to be at the top of their ski careers while balancing motherhood, husbands, and life. Elyse and Jackie battle it out for new opportunities in the ski world in this fun film. Who will win in the end? Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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Advice For Girls 

Advice For Girls is the ski movie that you didn’t know you needed as a female rider. The film itself is the first of its kind with an all female crew, from producing to athletes to filming. When you hear girl power, you can not help but think of this film. Offering an inclusive view in an exclusive world.

Advice for Girls is a journal style documentary that not only inspires but has something for all females on the hill. Focusing on every riders experience on the mountain and not only the pros it offers a unique insight into a very personal experience that we all have when getting those boots on.

Pretty Faces: The Story of a Ski Girl 

Lynsey Dyer was the first pro female skier to do something that no one has ever done. Not only did Lynsey create the first ski movie that is all female it was also the first movie of its kind to be crowd sourced on Kickstarter. With the goal to be connecting the female ski world in a male dominated sport its safe to say mission accomplished. Lynsey and the girl gang go out of their way to let all of us know that we as female have a place in the outdoors.

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