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Blizzard's Powder Ski For The Ladies


Blizzard Sheeva 11


Size: 172 cm
Dimensions: 139 / 112 / 129
Radius: 17.5 @ 172
Weight: 1850 grams

Skier Profile

Skier Size: 5’2, 123 lb
Skier Type: Steep and deeps, Type 3 skier

Ski Review

Intro: The Blizzard Sheeva 11 is the fattest ski in the Sheeva freeride series. Made for those deep fresh turns at 112 mm waist she’s a big girl with big lines on her mind.
What Blizzard has to say about their Sheeva 11 “ From huge spine lines in Alaska to a blower powder day at your local hill, the Sheeva 11 knows a thing or two about getting down. Fully redesigned with input from our top freeride athletes, the party animal of the Sheeva family is back and ready to rage.”

Review: Here’s the thing about the Sheeva 11, she is a ripper. For those days where the resort has been closed due to heavy snowfall look no further for what to reach for. The Sheeva 11, is able to take big hits and floats very well. She-Shredz spent over 40 days on the Sheeva 11 ( What powder dreams are made of ). If you are a big mountain shredder with the steeps and deeps in your line of sight know confidently that the Sheeva 11 can hold her own. She’s poppy, yet stable and knows when to charge. Yet the Sheeva 11 is able to be reigned in if need be.

Carving: Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Sheeva 11 is her ability to carve on soft groomers after a big storm. For her 112 mm waist the Sheeva 11 is able to get on edge and hold control. Something that can not be said for most skis above the 110 mm category. Granted were not saying the Sheeva 11 is your go to ski for on piste, but for a run or two in-between to give your legs a rest you will be pleasantly surprised.

Bumps: When you think of bumps you don’t often think of your powder ski. The Sheeva 11 is light underfoot making her easier to maneuver ( compared to the 115c Mindbender, which is more directional in feel ). If the resort gets tracked fast feel at easy that towards the end of the day the Sheeva 11 is able to do her job on the soft stuff under her.

All Mountain / Big Mountain: Rope drops to first tracks the Sheeva 11 is going to make you smile as you hoot and holler on the way down. The Sheeva 11 prefers to be ridden fast and with a purpose in order to truly unlock all of her great tech and features. While being a powder / freeride ski she is light and playful. Overall we truly enjoyed the Sheeva 11 for those days where there is a foot of new snow and its time to charge.

Even on the more techie lines with some rock or crust exposure, the edge control is rather impressive. We didn’t experience any slide outs when it mattered most ( after all when you’re in a spot you don’t want to be concerned about your skis ability). One of our favorite picks for powder skiing for the ladies.

The float is nothing to shrug off, yet if you’re going waist deep you need to make those turns with purpose. The tips are constructed rather well to not dive deep in the powder unlike other “powder skis” yet consider sizing when you’re looking into the Sheeva 11. At 168 cm and 112mm waist the Sheeva is meant for advanced and expert riders who know how to charge regardless of the terrain.

Overall Take Away’s: The ladies who are searching for fresh tracks in the most gnarliest part of the mountain this one is for you. We consider the Sheeva 11 to be the most playful powder ski in the women’s category. If you like quicker turns over a more directional feel the Sheeva 11 is for you. If you are looking for a more directional ski with a longer ski turn radius check out the K2 115c Mindbender.

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